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There is no need to wait for the availability of the courts or for waiting in court for a case to be heard. Our mediation appointments are generally made within two weeks of the original call, and conflicts are generally resolved within days of the start of the mediation.

Through mediation, all sides share the cost of one mediator at half the hourly rate of a typical lawyer with the same years of experience as the mediator. There is no court preparation fee, no costs of waiting in court for the case to be heard, and no costs other than the time spent in mediation.

15+ Years of Experience

Cutting edge knowledge with deep experience produces incredible results for our clients.

+90% Success Rate

We have conducted hundreds of mediations resulting in 90% agreement success rate.​

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Family conflict can arise from differences in personality, opinion, or vision, and can affect relations between individual members or the entire family.


Conflicts between businesses, partners, managers, employees, between a manager and an employee, or other combinations are normal, predictable, and can be resolved if addressed rather than ignored.


Agreements between businesses and their clients are complicated formal or informal contracts with much potential for conflict.

Our Strategic Advantage

+90% Success

We have conducted hundreds of mediations resulting in 90% agreement success rate.

15+ Years Experience

Perfect knowledge of your case and ability to fully represent you better than you can imagine.

Toronto Focus

Special focus on Toronto mediations with 100% of cases won in Toronto.


Our team have fluencies in Spanish, Portuguese and conversational level French.

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Our clients' reviews

Family conflict must be the hardest thing I have ever had to contend with, but J. Villa of the Mediation Company made a difficult situation manageable, and an opportunity for personal growth. Despite being a difficult and painful situation, J. helped me gain perspective of the situation from a position of strength. He promoted and demonstrated the benefits of building trust through honesty, and to stay focused on my needs.
Renata Magalhaes
Joaquin is a tough negotiator because he is knowledgeable and well prepared, but the best part is that he is fair and ethical due to his care and value toward relationships.
Fernando Cordero
J. Villa made me feel comfortable by establishing rapport early during the negotiations and I started to see that my needs and the needs of the other party were not mutually exclusive. Meeting my needs didn’t mean negating the needs of the other and I feel the agreement was the fairest agreement I could have under the given circumstances. I didn’t get all I wanted, but I certainly got what I needed.
Mary Franklin
Never a dull day with Jay. He turns routine into excitement with his inspirational ideas and his ability to help you gain a clear view on your potential paths to success. You can trust that he'll help you find a better solution to any problem.
Tarek Ismail

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