Mediation is an efficient, cost effective, client-driven, interest- based form of conflict resolution with a mediator facilitating ethical, respectful, negotiations between parties.

B2B Mediation: Internal

Internal conflicts between partners, managers, employees, between a manager and an employee, or other combinations are normal, predictable, & can be resolved if addressed rather than ignored.

B2B Mediation: External

Conflict between businesses is normal, predictable, and can be resolved if addressed rather than ignored.

B2C Mediation

Agreements between businesses and their clients are complicated formal or informal contracts with much potential for conflict.

Family Mediation

Family conflict can arise from differences in personality, opinion, or vision, and can affect relations between individual members or the entire family.

What is the role of a mediator?

A mediator would listen to the parties’ perspectives and perceptions of the facts, help parties involved identify their needs to resolve the conflict, and then facilitate ethical, respectful negotiations to resolve the conflict. Through mediation people can negotiate in good faith and arrive to a mutually agreed outcome. Through mediation parties may decide to restore previously good working relationships, to improve working relationships, or to dissolve a relationship ethically and respectfully. The mediation process can help clients not only to arrive to mutually agreeable decisions, but also to decide on a specific process to materialize those decisions.

When is mediation appropriate?

Mediation is appropriate whenever two or more adult parties within their full mental capacities have a strong desire to resolve conflict fairly, efficiently, and cost effectively while de-escalating conflict and possibly preserving a relationship. Mediation is not appropriate for parties who seek revenge, to defeat an adversary, or to win at all cost. Mediation is also not appropriate for people whose decision-making abilities are diminished by accident or illness.

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